Chapter 74 of Quest for the Blue Crystal

Dacsinj glanced nervously around, then threw down the small shovel in his hands and sat down on a log. He pulled the sensiball from the folds of his robe and placed it on the ground before him. He listened carefully, but the sounds of the Lords were safely far behind him. He grasped a wand and concentrated on Kratia.

“My dear director,” said the silky soft voice from the sensiball. “You are precisely on time, as always. What do you have to report?”

“Kratia, you have to get me out of here,” Dacsinj hissed. “I can’t stand it anymore. Do you know what they have me doing? Digging a latrine! Me! A master wizard, doing manual labor. Atrocious.”

“Dacsinj, we all have problems to deal with. Stop whining and put up with it. Soon the war will be over and we can reap the rewards.”

“Very soon, I hope.”

“What are the Lords planning?”

“They suspect the Crystal is involved. Tanas formed a circle of four, and was unsuccessful at contacting you and in obtaining information on the placement of hostile forces.”

“They tried to contact me?”

Dacsinj smiled. “They think you are still free and safe at Krashbrinae; I mean Minas Palanar. They hope to make their way to you and join forces.”

Kratia couldn’t repress a chuckle. “Join forces with me,” she murmured. “But why do they think the Crystal is involved?”

“The reconnaissance spell was blocked rather forcefully. I tried to divert that line of reasoning by suggesting that a circle of Rauder wizards is somehow involved. But it is the Crystal, isn’t it?”


“Then why do we have to put up with all this mess? I’m cold and wet and tired. If the Crystal is backing us, why don’t we just sit back and let it do all the dirty work?”

“Once the Crystal supports you, Dacsinj, you don’t just sit back. It will continue to work through you to guarantee your success even if it has to possess your mind and body to ensure you take proper action. Is that what you want, Dacsinj? To become a zombie, a slave of the Crystal?”

Dacsinj paled. “No, Lord Kratia. I will work hard to carry out your orders and win the war.”

“Very good, Dacsinj. Since you are digging a latrine, I assume that the Lords have set up camp for the night?”

“Yes Lord.”

“Then I have good news for you. Tonight, just before midnight you must sneak quietly away from the Lords. A raiding party will be coming through and they have orders to not let a single Lord survive. They will then look for you; show them the sensiball, and identify yourself. They will bring you to here.”

“Thank you, Lord Kratia. Thank you.”

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