Sammi’s statement about self-understanding

We build up layers of beliefs, and find evidence to support those beliefs, whether the beliefs are valid or not. When evidence comes up that challenges our system of beliefs, we tend to ignore that evidence, by conveniently forgetting it or by discrediting it. Occasionally we are forced to accept the evidence as true, and a layer of our belief system peels away like the skin of an onion.  Rarely do we peel away more than a few layers during our life; the core belief about our self and our world is well insulated from truth and introspection. From the hidden recesses of our subconscious, the core belief controls us like a puppet, and hides the knowledge that we have the knife and the ability to cut the strings; to glimpse others the way they are and not the way we are; to be free of our past and master of our future.

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