Appendix 3: The Prophesy

Prophesy of the Rauder King  (in English)

The Elves in silent bondage weep
Ensnared by spells both vast and deep.
Compelled to serve whatever’s willed
Till ancient vows be held fulfilled
By darkest mage who never dies
Within the Crystal, where magic lies.

The subtle plans fall into place
And heroes fade without a trace
The shadow over all lands grows
And from its mind great evil flows
That does not fear the warning cries
Within the Crystal, where magic lies.

And yet this fate that never ends
Depends on whom the dark one sends
If warrior mage goes on the quest
The dark one faces one last test
Where thunder always shakes the skies
Within the Crystal, where magic lies


Krisesond ac ven Nustaj-Radet  (in Ruader language)

Ven Kessiret om sha snu bar
Snubat ca sheem chuc wan em var
Dubat vu staj un ib es lud
Da wam ar krat es sna kamud
Ca Gart ven Shema ku mar sie
Inom ven Jing kros shem evie.

Cajem ven murt yaw omvu trup
Em takmet fie unom en hup
Ven garben hine dar frac eglonds
Em hom per lid fan zak esonds
Ragap us gak ven depka bie
Inom ven Jing kros shem evie.

En fa von krit emar zirops
Vakra pet ku ven Gar-Sa clops
Ya Taka-Shema wu ven job
Ven Gar-Sa kalla be zir stob
Kros boomba umar cras ven nie
Inom ven Jing kros shem evie

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