Appendix 4: Energy – Money Conversion Chart


Symbol, Pronunciation Energy Units Energy Conversions

US Dollar Equivalent


J     (“Jays”) Watt-second

1 J

KJ  (“Kay-Jays”) Kilowatt-second

1000 J

K    (“Kays”) Kilowatt-hour

3.6 million J

1 K = $0.10

M    (“Ems” or “Megs”) Megawatt-hour

3.6 billion J

1 M = $100.00

G    (“Gees” or “Gigs”) Gigawatt-hour

3.6 trillion J

1G = $100, 000

Prices of Common Spells & other equivalents

Metabolic Feeding 4 KJ per calorie.  (2 K for typical daily needs)
Travel by jeep 2 K / mile.
Lifting an object 13 J/ lb/ft.
Levitating an object 45 KJ/lb/second
Lighting a room 100 J/second
Boil a quart of water About 0.5K
Healing spell Varies;  <1 K to a few hundred K
Energy available from a human body About 100 J /second
Building a 4 BR house About 1 G
Standard energy wand capacity 10 M
High capacity wand (wizards and banks) 1G to 10G



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