Appendix 5: Major Characters (excluding Rauders)

Current Lords of the Circle

NAME Occupation, gender, species,  descriptive adjectives
Icon Wizard Lord, Center. Male. Human. Old, diplomatic.
Feindre Wizard Lord. Male. Human. Jolly, fat.
Kratia Wizard Lord. Female. Human.  Smart, arrogant, sensual.
Kristianus Wizard Lord. Male. Human.
Mordac Wizard Lord. Male. Human. Pessimistic
Nasan Wizard Lord. Male. Human. Studious, young. Newest Lord.
Nexus Wizard Lord. Male. Human.  Old, blind, gruff.
Osiri Wizard Lord. Female. Human.
Rankor Wizard Lord. Male. Human.
Tanas Wizard Lord. Male. Human. Third in seniority (after Icon, Nexus)

Characters Other Than Wizard Lords and Rauder Chiefs

NAME Occupation, gender, species,  descriptive adjectives
Bessia Esafi (wife of the Esaf Condeu). Human. Proud.
Billy Takashema Ninja. Male. Human. Quiet, deadly assassin.
Brutus Parks Power Plant operator. Human.
Dacsinj Director of the Library, Master Wizard. Male. Human. Stern.
Esaf Condeu Esaf. Male. Human. Ruler of Condeu.  Ancient, immortal.
Esaf Mileu Esaf. Male. Human. Ruler of Mileu.  Ancient, immortal.
Handus Warrior. Male. Rauder. Member of the Snow Wind clan
Jed Nalton Palatine. Male. Human. Administrator for town of Hornblower
Loellen None. Female. Elf. Young girl.
Lollanna Village keeper. Female. Rauder.  Wife of Rangee.
Messick General. Male. Human. Military commander for Kratia
Michael Drake Mercenary. Male. Human.  Arrogant, skilled mercenary.
Murgorath Wizard Lord. Male. Human. Ancient, Deadly, Genius.
Nick Damon (Nikademos) Rock singer. Male. Human.  Spoiled.
Ruth Gamor Apprentice wizard. Female. Human. Teenager.
Sarral Chief of Staff for Kratia. Male. Human.  Almost no emotion.
Takair None. Male. Human-Rauder. Son of Nexus. Lost in Wizards War.
Tome Qam King. Male. Elf. Ancient high king of the elves
Tunnea Nalton None. Female. Human. Young sister of Jed Nalton
Vejij Onwei Science advisor.  Male. Human. Brilliant nerd.
Zand Cullo Minister of Finance for Kratia. Male. Human. Stuffy.


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