Appendix 2: Tenth Level Spells

Tenth Level Spells

  1. Time travel is prohibited
  2. Inter-dimensional travel and transport is prohibited
  3. Chemical and nuclear explosions are prohibited
  4. Magical reanimation and/or resurrection of the dead is prohibited
  5. New immortality spells are prohibited
  6. Magical viewing, listening, and teleportation inside private residences is prohibited
  7. Unsolicited magical telepathy, both reading and broadcasting, is prohibited
  8. Magical travel and transport for distances greater than one thousand miles is prohibited.
  9. Magical transport of more than ten people at one time is prohibited.
  10. Magical transport of more than 10 tons at one time is prohibited.
  11. Magical alteration of another being’s DNA is prohibited.
  12. Beings whose DNA aren’t on the approved list in the Guild library can’t enter the Circle Chamber unless invited by someone who is inside.

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